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Wood processing technology

        Moulders moulders machine is vertical to the processing of solid wood board and design. In a process, the workpiece can be planed. Workpiece transfer device of the roller by a number of complete feed. Tool chucking means universal spindle configuration, as long as the technology related to the moulders, Lianxiang rich experience and technical innovation to continue to establish new industry standards.
         Finger finger-processing process is recognized as the most stable wood to take a long way. Whoever needs the technology, Lianxiang automatic docking machine will be your first choice. We are experts in this field for many years has occupied a leading position in this industry. Lianxiang's finger technology has the highest accuracy, which means the highest level of technology, while the smallest dimension tolerance control, timber losses and operating costs. Therefore, through the finger to take a long tail and feed value-added wood processing for you will be extremely simple and profitable! At your specific requirements, all types of equipment can be set up in modules, so that regardless of the standard program or special programs for customers with a high degree of flexibility.

       Puzzle in the field of laminated wood, more and more puzzles, wooden building structure and materials used in the form of wood glue to fight. In order to meet the greater needs of users, more and more advanced wood processing system has been developed and applied. Optimized coating system saves a lot of adhesive, and to ensure a safe production process. Automatic feeding system and the glue joint curing process, such as white latex curing time to a fraction of the original, but also solve the increasing demand for wood glue to fight the measures. In order to achieve optimal added value, through the intelligent fight pressure puzzle program, a minimum of dislocation. For all these processing requirements, Fujian Minhou County Lianxiang woodworking machinery to fight a series of models for the bonding pressure to provide the best technical solutions